What is the CONNECT package?

CONNECT is the package focused on safety and remote features by helping you easily. Is available for all CUPRA Media & Navi System and has a 3-year free trial. After that period, you will keep enjoy the freemium package, including the same features.


Commercial offer valid for:


- CUPRA Ateca produced in week 13/24 onwards

– CUPRA Formentor produced in week 22/2024 onwards

– CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Leon SP produced in week 20/2024 onwards.


If the vehicle is produced before these dates, please contact your dealer or Customer Care.

What is the Breakdown Call service?

If your car breaks down, press the button in the centre of the three-button module to call the Roadside Assistant Call Centre and send your car's diagnostic data. The operator will use the data received to help you identify the issue and order a tow service if necessary.

If you have a serious accident, you can call Emergency Call Services directly. The tow truck can find your location from your vehicle's data.

Is the Breakdown Call service available abroad?

Yes, you can use the Breakdown Call service as long as there's a valid call centre number available. You will be put in touch with the call centre from the country of your vehicle's registration.

What is Customer Care?

Customer Care can assist you with any problem concerning your CUPRA CONNECT services or any other CUPRA product. If you want to contact a customer service agent, simply press the Info Call button (the "i" button in your car's three-button module). Your location and service data are not transmitted during the call.

If I have a question or concern about CUPRA CONNECT, who can help me?

You can find the CUPRA CONNECT terms and conditions in the My CUPRA App and in the Infotainment System.

When is the Emergency Call activated?

When the crash sensors of the vehicle detect an accident which trigger the airbag or the seatbelt tensioner, a connection is automatically established with the country Emergency Centre.

Information about your location and crash time, driving direction, number of passengers is passed on. Please keep in mind, that normally we don't track your location. Your data is transferred only in the case of an accident to ensure your safety.

What do the Delete User and Restore Factory Settings options do?

When you select Delete User or Restore Factory Settings, you reset the Infotainment system to its initial factory settings. This is especially useful if you sell your car to a new owner. You can perform a reset via the My CUPRA App or directly through the Infotainment system. Keep in mind that performing a reset deletes all of your data and configurations in the onboard Infotainment system. Your CUPRA ID account won't be deleted, but it will be unpaired from the vehicle.

What is the online system update?

The online system update is a feature that allows your vehicle to receive and install an update to its system functionalities over the air. The update can be done anytime and anywhere. You don't even need to be inside the car.

How and when will my online system be updated?

Your car's online system will be updated remotely. This means you only need to follow a few simple steps in the Infotainment system. The update can take place at any time, but only if you allow it. The update is downloaded during your trip, and the installation takes place when your car is parked.

What is Service Scheduling?

Service Scheduling makes life easier for you. As soon as your car detects the need for a service, it notifies your preferred CUPRA service partner. The workshop then calls you to arrange a good time for the appointment. No extra effort needed.

Want it your way? You can choose your preferred service partner and contact method (email or phone) in the My CUPRA App.

What kind of vehicle data is transmitted automatically?

When your onboard infotainment system gives you a reminder about an upcoming inspection, your CUPRA service partner receives the following information about your car:

- Your contact details (name, telephone and email)

- Car details (VIN, model year, car model)

- Mileage

- Type of inspection (oil change, service interval)

- Date and time of notification

- Number of days to the next inspection and oil change

Can I change my preferred service partner?

Of course. You can change your CUPRA service partner at any time through the My CUPRA App:

- Going to Vehicle option

- Clicking on Your authorised Workshop

- Selecting your new preferred partner

What is the Data Plan service?

With a data plan, you can purchase data for Media and Internet features, so you can use online services such as Online Media or Internet Radio.

Where can I purchase a data plan?

You can purchase a data plan outside the car through our partner CUBIC (My CUPRA App or cupra.cubictelecom.com).

You will also be able to purchase a data plan in the car, via the infotainment system, as long as you activate this option on CUBIC’s website and you are the primary user and owner of the SIM.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact CUBIC’s Customer Services directly (https://cupra.cubictelecom.com/es/contactUs).

Do I have to pay extra for data if I travel in a foreign country?

Data plan prices and available countries can be viewed on the website of our partner, CUBIC https://cupra.cubictelecom.com. There are no roaming charges if you travel between the listed countries. If you have any questions, please get in touch with CUBIC Customer Care directly https://cupra.cubictelecom.com/en/contactUs.

What is the Online Infotainment Update service?

The Online Infotainment Update provides you the latest features and improvements for your car wherever you are and at a time of your choice. Instead of going to a workshop, you can do it yourself in just two steps:

First, download the update. During this step, you can continue to use your car normally. Then turn off the engine, start the installation and be on your way. You don't have to wait for it to finish. A notification will inform you if the update was successful or not.

What is the Personalisation Service?

If you own a CUPRA Leon with Navi System or Media & Navi System, the personalisation service lets you enjoy a custom driving experience. Simply set up your preferences directly from your vehicle, and they will be saved automatically. For example, you can set your preferred rear view mirror position so that you can just get in your car, sign in with your CUPRA ID and drive off without any hassle.

Can other users see my confidential personal data, such as my home address?

No, all confidential data (home address, etc.) is blocked until your identification has been confirmed.

How do I reset my CUPRA CONNECT settings from the onboard infotainment system?

To reset your CUPRA CONNECT settings via the infotainment system, tap on the Menu button and then select Setup. Now tap on Factory Settings and then choose if you want to reset your entire CUPRA CONNECT configuration or only one part (e.g. Media). In both cases, you can also reset the vehicle user. Keep in mind that if you reset the user (delete user/restore factory settings), your vehicle will no longer be linked to your user account and you will lose your vehicle data in the My CUPRA App.

What kind of data is recorded and displayed?

In the Driving Data section, you can see an overview of your distances (km), driving times (hours), fuel/gas consumption, average speed per trip and the specific details of each previous journey or day. If your vehicle is an e-Hybrid, you can check the consumption as well as the battery charge.

What is my Vehicle Status?

Vehicle Status shows you your vehicle’s remaining fuel range or electric charge status, overall mileage, distance (km) and days until the next service, distance and days until the next oil change, window and door status (lock & unlock doors and windows) and light position status. If your car is a diesel CUPRA, you can also check the AdBlue autonomy in the My CUPRA App, in vehicle information section.

How up to date is my Vehicle Status data?

The data is usually up to date. When you switch off the engine, it transmits the most recent vehicle status automatically. If you would like a more up-to-date status, you can request it at any time via the My CUPRA App.

Why is the Vehicle Status information in the My CUPRA App different from the information displayed in my car?

Normally, your vehicle automatically sends its most recent data to the server as soon as you switch off the engine. However, your vehicle can't transmit data if it's in an area with no network coverage, such as an underground car park or dense forest. This may be why the data displayed in your car is more up to date than the data displayed in the App.

What is my Vehicle Health Report?

The Vehicle Health Report compiles important data concerning your car's mileage, upcoming services and any warning lights displayed on the instrument panel. You cannot print or save the Vehicle Health Report. The data overview is available in your My CUPRA App as well.

When can I request a Vehicle Health Report?

If your car is new and you're in an area with network coverage, you can request your first Vehicle Health Report after you've covered a distance of 20 kilometres or more and switched off the engine. Keep in mind that sometimes it can take a few minutes for your most recent vehicle data to appear in the My CUPRA App.

Moreover, you can request a report update by performing a long refresh on the App while the car engine is running. This action will always update the information in the My CUPRA App.

Can I download and print the Vehicle Health Report?

You can only see a visual overview of the most recent report in the My CUPRA App.

What is the Parking Position service?

The Parking Position service lets you search for your car from wherever you are. Getting to your car is quick and easy thanks to the in-app navigation, which clearly displays a map with where you parked, when you parked and even a possible route to your car.

How precise is the Parking Position?

The Parking Position is usually precise within 5 to 10 metres. Accuracy depends on several external factors, particularly GPS signal quality and type of GPS technology used.

What is the Horn and Turn Signals service?

'The Horn and Turn Signals service in the My CUPRA App helps you find your car in a large car park by activating the horn and/or hazard lights once you're within a 500m radius.

Why isn't the Horn and Turn Signals service working?

The Horn and Turn Signals service only works if:

- Your car is parked

- The engine is off

- The bonnet is closed

- The Anti-Theft Alarm is not active

- Your device is within 500m of your car. Please check that the position in the app's GPS is correct.

What is the Remote Lock and Unlock service?

The Remote Lock and Unlock service lets you check and change your car's central locking system from your device.

To use this service, you need to register in the app, identify yourself as an authorised user with your S-PIN and create a CUPRA ID in your dealer, which has to be activated there.

Can the Remote Lock and Unlock service be used while driving?

For safety reasons, the Remote Lock and Unlock service can't be used while driving. The service only works if:

- Your car is parked

- The engine is off

- Your car is unlocked (to use the Lock function), or your car is locked (to use the Unlock function)

- Driver door is closed

What is the Remote Ventilation service?

With the Remote Ventilation service, you can control the ventilation system of your car remotely and activate it from My CUPRA App.

You can also see the status of the system (on/off), as well as schedule departure time (set up up to 3 different departure times), as well as when you want the ventilation to switch on automatically so that your vehicle is ventilated when you need it.

This service is available in CUPRA Leon NF,  CUPRA Ateca PA, CUPRA Formentor with 420A (70Ah) and 380A (68Ah) batteries.

How long does the Remote Ventilation process normally take?

You can activate this service from your My CUPRA App. You can select the activation time, from 10 to 60 minutes, with a 10 minute range.

What is the Remote Climatisation service?

For CUPRA e-Hybrid models, the customer can set the desired temperature of the vehicle using the climatisation function before departure withthe My CUPRA App.

In addition, the window heating can be activated.

The customer can also visualise the current climatisation status of the vehicle through the My CUPRA App.

What is the Remote Auxiliary Heater service?

With the Remote Auxiliary Heater service, you can control the heater in your car and activate it from the My CUPRA App.

On the Ateca: You can set the running time and set timers from the Infotainment System as well.

On the Leon and Formentor: with addition of the Remote Auxiliary Ventilation, the mode (ventilate or heat) will be chosen automatically by the car, depending on the outdoor/indoor temperature conditions.

Leon and Formentor models produced after 48/20 will be able to configure and activate this service from the Infotainment system as well.

Note: to be able to enjoy this service, the vehicle must be equipped with the Parking heater.

Why isn't the Remote Auxiliary Heater working

If the Remote Auxiliary Heater isn't working, please check that your car is parked, the engine is off and your vehicle is equipped with the Parking Heater.

How long does the Remote Auxiliary Heater process normally take?

If your car is not an e-Hybrid, you can configure the Remote Auxiliary Heater's activation period (from 10 to 60 minutes, in ranges of 10 minutes) via the onboard Infotainment system.

What is the Area Alert service?

The Area Alert service lets you know if your car is located within your predefined area. For example, if someone has moved your car into or out of an area, you will be notified by email or push notification so that you can take the appropriate steps. This service is only available in vehicles produced from Cw 25/22.

What is the Speed Alert service?

The Speed Alert service notifies you when your car exceeds your predefined speed limit. This service is only available in vehicles produced from Cw 25/22.

What is the e-Manager service?

For CUPRA e-Hybrid models, the customer will have the possibility of manually starting the immediate charge to allow an early departure with full battery.

The charging process is optimally performed to save energy costs. This includes charging during the night or starting and stopping the charging process, according to the customer needs.

Also, the customer is able to set up the maximum charging current (improves the use of the battery and extends its life cycle). Using the My CUPRA App, the customer can check the charging status, remaining range, remaining charging time and the connection through the charging plug.

What is the Departure times service?

For CUPRA e-Hybrid models, the customer can set departure times through My CUPRA App.

The vehicle wakes up in time and carries out the charging process and/or the pre-climatisation at the scheduled departure time.

The battery can be charged and the vehicle acclimatised before departure, meaning the battery duration during the trip is improved.

Setting for charging and air conditioning, as well as the battery charging limit, specification of maximum amperage and night-time use can be set by customers. Different charging locations can be also preconfigured.

How often are my maps updated?

Your maps will be updated once a month. The Online Map Update is performed automatically, based on your car position and destination.

What is the Natural Voice Control service?

The Natural Voice Control service lets you give commands in a natural way, avoiding the need to learn specific voice commands. You can easily call up various services, such as addresses, online content, internet radio, etc. Just keep in mind that online content and addresses require an internet connection.

Which languages are supported?

Natural Language Control supports British English, American English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Czech.

How do I activate Natural Voice Control while driving?

To give voice commands, just push the "Press to Talk" button or say "Hola Hola".

What is the Voice to Text service?

When you need to send or reply to an email or SMS but don't want to take your hands off the wheel, the Voice to Text service lets you convert your spoken words into text format. Just press the Microphone button and dictate your message.

Where can I plan my routes?

You can conveniently plan your routes using the My CUPRA App.

To be able to receive trips, the navigation system in your vehicle must be online and must contain map data for the respective destinations. The next time you switch on the ignition of your vehicle with an existing mobile network connection, you will be informed that new trips are available and you can download them to your vehicle.

How many routes can be imported?

There is a limit of 5 trips, each with 4 waypoints, including final destination. You may therefore have to delete existing routes before new routes import.

How many routes can be imported?

Only one route can be imported.

How can I save radio channels or podcatsts in my favourites?

You can save them in different ways:

1. selecting the radio station, going to MyTab and pressing the Save button, or

2. going to the radio station list and doing a longpress on the radio station.

How do I use Online Media?

Process for the usage:


1. Sign in into the car.

2. CONNECT to the WiFi (via smartphone tethering or dataplan)

3. Select the Media menu --> Source browse to select the desired onlenia media source.

4. Synchronize the online media source, via the settings. To do so, it is need to log in with the corresponding credentials of the media online provider, those can be stored in order to avoid to introduce it again.

5. A Data plan or Tethering from the smartphone is required to use any of the apps.

What can I buy in the In-Car Store?

From the In-Car Store, you can buy Infotainment apps and renew your CONNECT packages. The In-Car Store may also be integrated with other third-party sellers. For example, CUBIC provides data plan packages for the Media & Internet service.

Do I need to do anything before I can make purchases from the In-Car Store?

To use the In-Car Store, you just need to register on CUPRA CONNECT and enrol your vehicle. Keep in mind that only the primary user of your vehicle can buy digital products.

How can I pay for the digital products in the In-Car Store?

For the In-Car Store purchases, you can use the credit card you have previously saved in your CUPRA Store, if you have not registered any credit card, you will be requested to continue the payment process in the webshop.

How do I activate my new licenses?

When you buy a license, it's activated automatically. The duration of the license depends on the commercial offer.

Is the In-Car Store available in all cars?

Only cars equipped with the Navi System can use the In-Car Store.