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Will my personal data be processed by CUPRA?

CUPRA processes your personal data in the context of the utilization of applications offered, as well as with respect to other data processing that may be carried out by CUPRA in its interaction or relationship with you.

At CUPRA we are committed to complying with current regulations in order to safeguard your rights of privacy and freedom.

How are the personal data I provide to CUPRA CONNECT processed?

Within the functionalities, products and services offered by CUPRA, we process the following categories of personal data, without limitation: identification data and contact details, data related to your vehicle and data related to your digital account, should you have created one. For more information, please refer to CUPRA CONNECT Privacy Policy. All the information is exclusively used by CUPRA and its distribution and service partners for the purposes described in the CUPRA CONNECT Privacy Policy, and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data is not shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

The data is mostly anonymised, using personal data only when it is strictly necessary and for the purposes mentioned. CUPRA processes the data following particularly strict security guidelines.

Do I have full control of my data?

Yes, at any time you will be able include a privacy policy that you can consult in order to ascertain who is responsible for this processing, whether the data are communicated to third parties and the data retention period. Also, CUPRA provides information about how to exercise such rights as data protection legislation might confer on you.

Are my data anonymised?

As soon as your data are no longer necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected, they will be immediately destroyed or anonymised, so that it is no longer possible to identify the person to whom they relate. CUPRA, S.A. can thus use the data and reduce the risks associated with such use and respecting the principle of limiting the purposes for which they are used and the data retention period.

Can I delete my data at any time?

Yes, you are absolutely free to exercise your right to delete your data by managing your data through your CUPRA ID account and privacy settings on https://cupraid.vwgroup.io/. You can also exercise your rights and delete your data by sending an email to customercare@cupraofficial.com

Can I disassociate my user ID from the vehicle?

Yes, simply access the car's infotainment menu, then under "User", press "Delete user/Restore default settings". All your data will be deleted from the car and the backend. This procedure is a necessary requirement in event of transfer of ownership.

What is the "Development of autonomous driving" slider switch for?

This is used for to activate or deactivate data transmission aimed at creating an anonymous database for research and development of autonomous driving.

How does the "Development of autonomous driving" slider selector work?

Data uploading can be turned on or off directly via the "Development of autonomous driving" slider selector in the privacy settings. Data transmission also depends on the setting of privacy levels. Uploading is only active in the "Use Location" and "Share Location" layers.

Is the processing of personal data provided for in this service?

It is not necessary to process your contact details, but rather only information derived from your driving actions/modes. CUPRA, S.A. aims to anonymise your data in order to create a set of aggregated data for the research, development and validation of autonomous driving.

What kind of data does this feature collect?

The personal data to be processed are the VIN and the location of the vehicle at the time of data collection, the minimum data necessary for the intended purpose.

What is the purpose of data processing?

The purposes of data processing are: the development of autonomous driving, the improvement of traffic safety on roads, the improvement of Adaptive Cruise Control and the development of future driver assistance systems.

Will my data be disclosed to third parties?

Yes, but your data will only be used or processed after anonymisation by Volkswagen AG or carefully selected companies and development service providers. We collaborate with well-known companies in the field of map data development, infrastructure planning, road safety or autonomous driving, in order to offer you the best possible driving experience and increase your safety.

How long is personal data stored for the "Development of autonomous driving"?

Personal data is kept for a maximum period of 24 hours, to allow anonymisation and guarantee its quality. After that, the original data is deleted.

Can I deactivate data collection for the "Development of autonomous driving"?

Yes, you can disable data collection by using the "Development of autonomous driving" slider selector or by changing your privacy settings (version 4.2.0: ONLINE, OFFLINE mode. Version 4.3.0: ONLINE, ONLINE + Location data, OFFLINE mode).

What is the difference between online and offline?

Online mode: displayed when the vehicle is connected to the Internet and location data is NOT activated.

Online + Location data: displayed when the vehicle is connected to the Internet and location data is activated. Exclusive to version 4.3.0 cars.

Offline mode: displayed when the vehicle is offline. This mode should only be displayed when the user is sure that the car will not communicate with the Internet.

Can I use CUPRA CONNECT when the vehicle is offline?

When you are in OFFLINE mode, all services are disabled (with the exception of the Public Emergency Call, which is always available as per European regulations). Therefore, CUPRA CONNECT services are not fully available until you return to one of the ONLINE modes.