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L.G.R for CUPRA.

Sunglasses, handmade for the road.

What’s the concept behind L.G.R creations?

Exploration and adventure are the source of inspiration for L.G.R sunglasses. The scents and colours of the Italian Riviera. An afternoon spent reading books at the Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi. Watching time go by under an acacia tree. These visions are then translated into designs.

What’s your idea of luxury?

Since we first started in 2008, our company has grown and now has fifteen employees and three factories in Italy. However, all our sunglasses are still handmade, one by one. This dedication to craftsmanship perfectly embodies our idea of luxury.

Who wears L.G.R driving sunglasses?

We’ve achieved international success, winning over celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Marion Cotillard, Gigi Hadid, Giorgio Armani and many more.

Inspired by Africa, handmade in Italy. How can a product exist with a dual personality? 

Because it’s based on a true story. A family saga that combines African heritage with Italian craftsmanship. This dual personality is present in every aspect of our brand and all our new creations.

Tell us about your creation process.

The process starts with skilled artisans, who are able to craft top-quality, authentic and sophisticated products. All the materials are then processed following traditional methods, making all L.G.R models unique. For instance, acetate is thoroughly polished by hand, without using any solvents or varnishes, to ensure a silky finish.

CUPRA says sophistication can’t exist without craftsmanship. What do you say?

We say the same thing. At L.G.R, we preserve our Italian heritage and values through hard work carried out by real people who have spent their lives specialising in this meticulous line of craftsmanship. Each frame is built by hand from start to finish using traditional production methods in order to deliver a sophisticated and noble design.