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OTA updates

Woman viewing the CUPRA OTA updates on her car's infotainment device.


Optimise your CUPRA experience with over-the-air updates, the latest software for your CUPRA vehicle.

How to keep your CUPRA up to date


Installing Over-the-Air software updates for enhanced CUPRA innovation. When updates are available, you will be notified via your infotainment screen. CUPRA CONNECT subscribers are informed via an in-app notification. You may also receive an email informing you about software updates that are specific for your CUPRA.



Ensure the latest connectivity. For further advice, please contact your local CUPRA dealer.


Initiate Download

Electric cars: Enjoy automatic background downloads during operation.

Other vehicles: Tap 'Download' (the download will be paused if ignition is turned off).

Prepare for Installation

Important: Do not drive your CUPRA during the installation of any updates.

Start Installation

Turn off ignition, tap 'Install' and unlock the future.

Finalise the Upgrade

Get ready for an enhanced ride next time you start up your CUPRA. You will receive a pop-up which confirms the installation.

To learn more watch the video

Released Over-the-Air Updates


No, all updates are provided at no extra charge to our customers.

No, please stop charging and start the installation. Ensure a minimum charging status of 50% for a successful completion.

No, a data connection is required to download the updates and install an even after the download is completed.

Yes, the high-voltage battery must be at least 50% charged at the start of the installation.

In your infotainment menu, select “Setup” and then go to “System Information.” Your current software version will be displayed. Click here to see image sample.

To complete an Over-the-Air Update, CUPRA collects the unique vehicle identification number (VIN), vehicle connectivity and software status, and in-vehicle consent for download and installation. No other personal information is collected or stored by SEAT/CUPRA. This data is used to ensure correct software installation and for documentation of owner consent, following our privacy statement.

Turn off your vehicle to see the notification listed on the “Goodbye Screen.”

"Release Notes" will be available on your infotainment screen after the update.

If the Over-the-Air Update is still available, you'll receive a prompt to begin the installation process again. Otherwise, contact your SEAT/CUPRA Dealer for next steps.

1. Green Light On – Ensure the 3-button module in your overhead console has a green light while your vehicle is running. This indicates it's "online" and can communicate with SEAT/CUPRA servers.

2. Network Coverage – Cellular network coverage is crucial for a successful update. The update uses cellular connectivity and if network connectivity is limited, it will automatically resume when available.

Sometimes, Over-the-Air updates only enhance the background functionality.

Updates are released in waves. You'll receive a notification in your vehicle once the update is available.

No, your personal settings will be retained.

No, the vehicle warranty remains intact.

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