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Keeping your CUPRA in optimal condition isn’t as simple as just booking it in for a service once a year. It’s better to catch small issues early on and fix them before they become problematic. Therefore, it’s important to perform regular maintenance checks as this will help to increase your vehicle’s longevity, boost safety and enhance its reliability:

1. Get your oil changed.

Your oil needs to be in good condition and at the right level, changed at regular intervals to care for your engine. If there’s too little oil, the friction in the engine increases. Too much oil and it can get into the combustion chamber and damage your catalytic converter.

A warning light on your dashboard will tell you when it’s time to change your oil and its filter. We recommend the following intervals between oil changes: Every 15,000km, or at least once a year (hybrid, diesel and petrol), and if you are the owner of an electric car you don’t need to worry about oil changes at all.

2. Check your tyre pressure

Correct inflation pressures and sensible driving habits will increase the longevity of your tyres. Tyre inflation pressures are usually listed on a sticker on the rear of the front left door frame. Check tyre pressure at least once a month, and also prior to any long trip. On newer CUPRAs, you might find that the recommended tyre pressure is listed on a sticker inside the doors, if unsure, just check your vehicle’s dedicated manual.  

3. Get your car’s fluids checked regularly

There are multiple types of fluids used throughout your vehicle, each with a unique – and important – function, from brake fluid and windscreen washer reservoir to oil and AdBlue. Check the owner's manuals to find out the maintenance needs of your car.

4. Replace your filters.

The dust and pollen filter with its activated charcoal cartridge serves as a barrier against impurities in the air taken into the vehicle interior. The dust and pollen filter must be changed regularly so that air conditioner performance is not adversely affected.

Check your service intervals to know when to replace your filters.

5. Save the date and don't forget to attend your inspections as suggested.

For Hybrid, Petrol or Diesel vehicles you should carry out an Official CUPRA Maintenance check at 30,000 km or every 2 years to ensure proper functioning. Regular inspections should come at 2-year intervals thereafter.

If you own an electric vehicle, your initial inspection should also be after 30,000km, or at the 2-year mark, with an annual check-up carried out thereafter or at every 15,000 km.

6. Control lamp

The control and warning lamps are indicators of warnings, faults or certain functions. Nobody likes when an alarm pops up, but if this happens it is important to know the meaning and act as soon as possible.

Check the Owner's manuals to know what it means.

7. Electric car tips.

Electric car maintenance is around 35% lower. However, your electric car will require regular servicing, just like a petrol or diesel car. We carry out all the usual roadworthiness checks, but the rest of your service is quite different:

  • Charging cable: we check that cable is present and visually check its condition
  • High-voltage battery: we check the charge level and recharge if necessary
  • High-voltage components and high-voltage cables: we inspect these for damage and correct routing and securing of lines

8. Driving with confidence: CUPRA Service Plans.

The CUPRA electric vehicle service plan is tailored specifically for the CUPRA Born. These plans ensure your car is serviced to CUPRA standards and can help you spread the cost into affordable monthly payments

Get in touch

If you need more information about maintenance, or need to make an appointment, you can contact your CUPRA Master.