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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance


What type of petrol do CUPRA cars use?

Download your CUPRA car manual for this information because it depends on the engine

What parts are subject to wear and tear?

Moving parts such as tyres, chains and cassettes, but also fixed parts such as brackets or brake pads

What tyres does the CUPRA have?

Download your CUPRA car manual for tire- and wheel-related information

How much tire pressure should I have?

Download your CUPRA car manual for tire- and wheel-related information

What happens when a tire has too much air in it?

When a tire has too much air in it, the pressure is higher than that recommended by the manufacturer, reducing the contact surface with the road. As a result, there is less grip. Wear is more accentuated in the center of the tread

Where can I find the recommended tire pressure data for my model?

The recommended tyre pressure for your model can be found in the owner's manual

What is the correct tire pressure?

The recommended cold tire pressure is in the vehicle manual and on the tire label. Generally, it is 30 psi for a small car, 36 psi for a medium-sized car and 42 psi for a large car

When is it advisable to change the tyres of the vehicle?

Legislation states that a tire must be changed when the tread is less than 1.6 mm 

When should I inflate the tyres?

When is it important to check your tire pressure? Every 4,500 km, so that your vehicle continues to function properly and, therefore, uses fuel more efficiently. Before long trips. When temperature changes of 10 degrees or more occur

What happens if the tire pressure is low?

Low pressure also causes the tire to wear more on the sides and sidewalls, to the point of rendering it totally unusable much sooner than it should. In other words, the tire's service life is shortened and it is necessary to change it, with the added cost that this entails. 

When it rains, what happens to the tire pressure?

Tire pressure. It is also recommended to change to tyres that are suitable for the conditions prevailing in each season, although if you ultimately decide not to change them in the rainy season, you should increase the pressure of your tyres to between 0.4 and 0.7 bars.

What does PSI mean?

PSI in relation to pressure means pounds per square inch. It is one of the most commonly used units of pressure, although it is not the only one: other units are also used, such as bars: 1 bar = 14.5 pounds. 

How can I find out which version of the manual corresponds to my CUPRA?

You can find the version of the manual that corresponds to your car by selecting your car model here

How can I check the compatibility of my smartphone with my CUPRA?

You can find the compatibility of your smartphone with your CUPRA car here

What documents can I find in the CUPRA Car Manual section?

You can find the car Manual, the Rescue Sheet and the Bluetooth Compatibility. You can access this section by clicking here