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Updates for Electric CUPRA Vehicles

OTA Update OUF3* for Born

This update will allow you to remotely update the vehicle, to fix small system bugs, as well as to improve the vehicle operation. The improvements are the following:

Pulse inverter update to improve efficiency and power consumption. The first time you start driving after the update, it may happen that an automatic calibration will be carried out that will limit the power to 30-40 km/h or 19-25 mph. When you accelerate to this speed, you will feel a brief jerk. After releasing and accelerating again, full driving power will be available.

Installation of this update is needed to enable the installation of future Over-the-Air Updates.

This update does not increase the software version.

Update available only for ME 3.0 vehicles. (Produced  between 20/12/21 and 10/07/22 ) . 

Rollout since: March 2023**

OTA Update OUH4* for Born

This update introduces a new feature aimed at detecting rare instances of battery cell discharge. It's worth emphasising that this is a rare occurrence and the update serves as a precautionary measure.

If this issue arises during the vehicle's lifespan, a yellow warning icon will appear on the digital cockpit, indicating an error in the electrical driving system. The vehicle will continue to function but it's advisable to visit a workshop promptly to address this concern and prevent any unnecessary battery wear.

Additionally, this update addresses minor bugs, enhancing the stability of remote updates.

It's important to note that this installation is a prerequisite for receiving forthcoming Over-the-Air Updates.

During installation, if your car is equipped with an anti-theft alarm, it will undergo a temporary deactivation. Following installation, it will return to its regular operation.

This update does not increase the software version.

This update is exclusively available for ME 3.0 vehicles.

Update available only for cars 3.0 (Produced  between 20/12/21 and 10/07/22 ) . 

Rollout since: March 2023**

*Software version displayed in car may differ from the version listed here. The detailed scope of the update can be found in release notes in the car.

**Updates are rolled out in waves; therefore the rollout dates are indicative. It can differ due to country specifics.

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