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CUPRA Born: The impulse of a new era

  • CUPRA Born is the perfect match between electrification and performance, leading the brands expansion into new markets
  • The CUPRA Born  will be available with various power outputs, and with an e-Boost1 performance pack to increase the power output up to 231PS (170kW)
  • All-electric range of around 540km* (with the 77kWh battery pack)
  • Stimulating style in the exterior and the interior, developed with sustainable materials made from plastic waste such as the SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE for the standard bucket seats
  • CUPRA Born delivers contemporary sportiness thanks to its DCC in combination with sport suspension and ESC Sport, progressive steering as well as larger brakes and wider tires mounted in 20’’ alloy wheels
  • New technologies such as the head-up display with augmented reality highlights its highest levels of connectivity and safety
  • CUPRA Born is the first model of the brand with a net CO2 neutral concept


CUPRA is shifting the market, mixing performance and electrification to take its journey into a new era with the launch of the CUPRA Born.

The first 100% electric vehicle from the unconventional challenger premium brand delivers an emotional design and instantaneous performance, whilst challenging the status quo.  

 “The CUPRA Born is a game-changer in the electric market and the impulse of the company’s transformation. Delivering stimulating design, instantaneous performance and offering an all-electric range of more than 500km, the CUPRA

1 The e-Boost performance pack will be available from 2022

Born will contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and meeting European targets. But it’s more than that,” said Wayne Griffiths, President of CUPRA and SEAT. “Through its emotional sportiness, we want the next generation of young challengers to be part of this transformation. That’s why CUPRA will use unconventional sales models to reach new people and take the CUPRA brand beyond the traditional.”

The CUPRA Born forms the next stage of the brand’s development, and as the industry shifts to a more environmentally conscious position, electrification is key. CUPRA has already invested heavily in the technology, bringing the plug-in hybrid versions of CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Leon Sportstourer and CUPRA Formentor models to the market. The new era is also fully electric.

The CUPRA Born is the next chapter for a new era. Bringing together advanced powertrain, battery management technologies to deliver instantaneous performance, with the design that helps CUPRA stand out. It is the first model from the brand that will deliver to customers a net CO2 neutral concept, where energy from renewable sources is used in the supply chain. The remaining emissions are offset by environmental and project investments certified to the highest standards.


The CUPRA Born integrates the most advanced pure electric powertrain technology: a choice of 150PS  (110kW) or 204PS (150kW) electric engines deliver energy to the rear wheels, coupled with a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of up to 58kWh which provides an enormous range of around 420km*.

The CUPRA Born adds further performance with the addition of an e-Boost1 above package maximum output reaches up to 170kW and battery packs up to 77kW delivers a range of around 540km* and an even longer driving experience. The e-Boost1 will be available with two battery options:  a 77kWh battery delivering the 0-100km/h in 7 seconds with a range of around 540km* , and another with a 58kWh battery reducing the 0 to 50km/h to just 2.6s* and the 0-100km/h to  6.6** seconds with a range of around 420km*.

 “The CUPRA Born integrates a very advanced electric powertrain technology, helping to deliver an exhilarating drive from CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle,” said Werner Tietz, Executive Vice-President for Research and Development at CUPRA and SEAT. “The CUPRA Born proves that electrification and performance are a perfect match, it’s a game-changer in the market, contributing to the reduction in CO2 but without any compromises – it’s environmentally conscious but at the same time dynamic and exciting.”

But electrification isn’t exclusively about vehicle range, recharge times are also an incredibly important barometer of usability, and here the CUPRA Born excels. The high-performance EV can add an additional 100km of range in as little as 7 minutes using a 125kW charging point, making typical journeys as simple and easy as using a combustion engine vehicle. Even if the battery pack SOC is only at 5%, it can be replenished to 80% in as little as 35 minutes.

The CUPRA Born is adaptable and can be plugged in to both AC and DC charging networks, so whether you’re on the road or at home, refilling the battery is quick, simple and hassle free.

Its dimensions play a huge part in the CUPRA Born’s dynamic ability; it is 4,322mm long, 1,809mm wide, 1,537mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,767mm.


The CUPRA Born’s performance is matched by its stimulating style. The vehicle is designed to make an impact; the front end, with its meaningful character and refined cues from the lighting style, the creases in the bonnet and the framing of the CUPRA badge deliver a determined face that expresses strength.

The CUPRA Born’s design highlights the essential characteristics of electric vehicles; impressive performance, dynamic, pleasurable driveability and the ability to thrill. For that reason, the CUPRA Born’s exterior design is unconventional, unique and emotional. Electrification isn’t a contradiction for a high-performance brand; it’s a way to project the brand into the future.

The dynamic character continues inside. The focus is placed strongly towards the driver as any CUPRA should be; a range of materials wrap the interior to create a feeling of sportiness, refinement and quality, including the standard bucket seats that use SEAQUAL® Yarn made from upcycled marine plastics.

From the CUPRA steering wheel to the copper accents throughout, the CUPRA Born is every bit part of the brand’s family.

 “The CUPRA Born’s design is multifaceted, it sharpens the CUPRA look while at the same time incorporating the modernity of its advanced electric powertrain” said Jorge Díez, Design Director at CUPRA and SEAT. “It delivers a strong CUPRA character that expresses agility and performance with its mix of flowing surfaces and technical details.”

Interior space is maximised thanks to the CUPRA Born’s dimensions; its wheelbase is 2767mm giving it the proportions needed to house driver and passengers comfortably, while the boot has a capacity of 385 litres.


The CUPRA Born’s digital cockpit epitomises the approach to the digitalisation of the interior. The screen provides greater functionality in complete clarity, allowing drivers to view the information that is most important to them and their journey.  Completely customisable, individuals can show the information they need, and the display gives greater clarity and creates a more emotional, focused display that is in tune with the character of the vehicle and modernity that it exudes.

Capacitive touch technology improves interaction, making the use of the system responsive and precise. Touch sliders add to the ease of use, allowing control of the Climatronic as well as volume control.

In a world that is becoming increasingly at ease with voice assistant technology, the CUPRA Born also integrates voice recognition. Arguably one of the most natural ways to interact with devices, it reduces distraction because there is no need to look away from the road ahead.

But it is the connection with the outside world that is growing in importance. So, at the CUPRA Born’s core is CUPRA CONNECT technology, with the completely newly developed My CUPRA App.

With the activation of CUPRA CONNNECT, online services are unlocked, and connectivity is provided to the car. Customers will be able to manage battery charging from the My CUPRA App, setting the exact percentage of battery charge ready for departure. Climatization can also be activated remotely, setting the target temperature in advance or automatically after unlocking doors, together with front seat heating for driver and co-pilot.

Safety and convenience

The CUPRA Born puts technology at the forefront, and its suite of available safety and convenience systems means it’s a high-performance vehicle that fits in perfectly with daily life and makes it one of the safest vehicles in the segment.

The range of systems is expansive and all encompassing; Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist, Side and Exit Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Emergency Assist and Pre-Crash Assist. All assistance systems and their indicators give very valuable information to the driver and are present in the driver’s line of sight, thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system.