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Renaming our urban electric car: the CUPRA Raval.

Once again, we are back at Automobile Barcelona, showcasing our latest innovations, and our strong commitment to the development of electric vehicles and to the progressive spirit of Barcelona.

During the first day of the motor show, our CEO, Wayne Griffiths, confirmed the name of our future urban electric car: the CUPRA Raval. A name that serves as a tribute to the Raval neighbourhood in the heart of Barcelona, and about which ROSALÍA's alphabet campaign already gave clues.

“The Raval is one of the most surprising parts of Barcelona. And today, we are proud that the brand’s future urban electric car will have its name and represent its spirit. Just as we did with the CUPRA Born, we now want to express the essence of the Raval and continue to inspire the world from Barcelona”, explained Wayne Griffiths.

Previously known as the CUPRA Urban Rebel, the Raval is a vehicle that will take us far beyond our traditional boundaries, driven by emotion — designed and developed for a more rebellious electric world.

“The CUPRA Raval is not just another car. It is an invitation to a new generation, which expects something better. An urban, rebellious and 100% electric car, with its own character and linked to 'Gen Z’. Something that’s more emotional,” said Wayne Griffiths.

More than a name

CUPRA's link with Barcelona, and specifically with the Raval, goes beyond naming some of its models after the city’s neighbourhoods, as the brand looks to invest and promote positive change in the historic central quarter.

“CUPRA wants to be a driving force for change in the neighbourhood. For this reason, we are already talking with institutions and organizations in the Raval to promote actions that will help young people”, Griffiths added.

Designed and developed in Barcelona, the CUPRA Raval will be produced in Martorell and hit the market in 2025.