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A 3D interior

“When you enter the CUPRA Born, all your senses are activated” says Francesca Sangalli, head of CUPRA’s Color&Trim Concept&Strategy.

This was the main goal of the Interior Design team, to create a space with the brand’s DNA that would be an experience for the senses. An interior that can be felt and experienced in three dimensions.

CUPRA Born interior overview in Dynamica Blue upholstery

Harmony at a glance.

To achieve a lively interior, the CUPRA design team combined the latest in technology and sophistication in the use of colours and textures. “We relied on a neutral approach to colour, intensifying the effects and textures with the use of parametric techniques” says Sangalli. Thus, 3D effects have been created on the blue seats, with micro-perforations that reveal the copper colour beneath the surface. “This laser technique enabled us to give movement to the seat. It isn’t a static graphic effect. It shifts, it fades in and out, it seems to expand” adds the designer. Decorative stitching in the same colour on the seats and doors completes the numerous details in the brand’s signature colour.

Attention to detail.

Parametric technology was also used on other materials, like those that make up the dashboard, but this time, to create reliefs that also fade and create the same impression of movement. “We wanted to create a lot of 3D effects to increase the value of all the elements and for there to be a conceptual connection between them” says Sangalli.

Sustainable emotions.

In addition to the latest techniques, the use of new materials in the seats stands out as well, like the rest of the interior. “The interior is very balanced. The seats are made of sustainable materials. The base model of the CUPRA Born comes with SEAQUAL® YARN textiles, a project that creates fabrics from recycled material collected from the sea” explains Sangalli. DINAMICA®, an ecologically sourced recycled microfiber, has also been used.

The feel of new technologies.

The interior space stands out for its spaciousness thanks to the integration of several functions in the 12” infotainment system and the addition of a 5.3” display behind the steering wheel, which replaces traditional displays, to give drivers the basic information they need.  It also incorporates a new feature, the Augmented Reality Head-up Display, a projector that shows information on speed, driving aids and directions while driving. “It’s very spectacular because you can see this information in 3D projected outside the vehicle onto the road, not on the windscreen. This makes it easy to drive in a natural way without having to take your eyes off the road” says Miguel Garcia, head of Infotainment systems. The steering wheel controls are touch-sensitive, similar to those of a tablet, and two satellites enable you to switch the driving mode at the touch of a button.

The sound of sensation.

The key to this interior design was to create a space where the driver is at the centre of the vehicle and feels the thrill of driving an electric car. “All the sensations, from the touch, the shapes, the way it surrounds you... We believe that you have to feel an electric car. With our interior design input, we achieved the feeling that you’re sitting inside something that was created for you. The seats, the console, the steering wheel... everything focuses in that direction” says Jaume Sala, the head of Interior Design.

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