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Personal Contract Plans

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PCP Finance Option

If you want to keep your monthly payments low and enjoy the thrill of a new car more often, a Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP Finance) may be just the thing for you.

What benefits does Solutions offer me?

▪    Solutions (PCP) is ideal for customers who like the idea of changing their vehicles regularly, reducing the potential period of repayments, or simply want to leave their options open for a period of time.

▪    By deferring an agreed amount to the end of your agreement you can potentially: change your vehicle more often to suit your needs, and stay within the warranty period; upgrade to get a higher specification model; reduce your monthly payments.

▪    A Solutions agreement can protect you from unforeseen depreciation of the vehicle’s value.

▪    Deposits can be as little as one monthly payment.

▪    Solutions is a flexible product, giving you three options for the end of your contract. This decision doesn’t need to be made until the end of the agreement.

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Once you have chosen your CUPRA and decided on your deposit, you need to make three decisions that will affect the monthly repayments:

▪    Your repayment period: choose between 18 and 49 months

▪    Mileage per year: choose how many miles you expect to drive each year

▪    Optional Final Payment: defer an agreed amount until the end of your agreement, you will then have to choose from one of three options

What happens at the end of my agreement?

At the end of your agreement you have three options:

▪    Exchange the vehicle for a new CUPRA.  The agreement will be settled and any excess sales proceeds can contribute to your new agreement (subject to application and acceptance)

▪    Pay the option to purchase fee and the optional final payment, then take full ownership of the vehicle

▪    Simply return the vehicle to CUPRA (fees may be payable)

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Calculate the best finance option

Not sure what is best for you and your budget? Why not Request a Quote and we can provide you a quotation to match your needs. We will work with you to finalise:

▪    Deposit amount
▪    Length of your agreement
▪    Maximum Mileage


Good to know

You can choose to drive a higher-spec car for the same monthly budget that you were planning to spend, when compared with hire purchase:

▪    Drive a new car more often thanks to shorter replacement cycles
▪    Choose whether to buy the car at the end of the agreement
▪    It takes away the worry about depreciation. A proportion of the value is left until the end of the agreement 

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Current offers

CUPRA regularly updates its finance offers on each specific model in its range.

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