Drive your way with a new infotainment App that integrates the CUPRA Charging service into the car ecosystem. Download the MyCUPRA App to obtain the CUPRA Charging Map.

CUPRA Easy Charging Map

Scan the QR code with your phone to download the My CUPRA App and gain access to the CUPRA Easy Charging Map.

CUPRA Charging Map is an infotainment App that is included as part of the CUPRA CONNECT Services. With it, you can easily find public charging stations from the screen of your car, get up-to-date information and see customer feedback and ratings.

What benefits can you look forward to?

Search and filter charging stations

Find the charging stations closest to your car or near where you would like to charge by running a simple map search.

Online charging station detail

Avoid that wait when all the chargers are occupied. With CUPRA Charging Map, you can check the availability of charging points in advance.

Navigation to the nearest charging station

Display the nearest or best-rated charging station and be guided to it directly from your in-car navigation.

Customer feedback

In CUPRA Charging Map, you can view or provide online ratings and feedback on charging stations.

How to install the app

There are two ways you can download the CUPRA Charging Map:

  1. Through the MyCUPRA App shop.
  2. Through the in-car shop, in the car's infotainment system.

You must fill in your personal data, accept the legal texts and purchase the app for 0€.

Then, you should access the car's infotainment system to install the CUPRA Charging Map App.

Note: The CUPRA Charging Map app is only available for the CUPRA Born and CUPRA Tavascan models.