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Performance meets style.

It’s almost unheard of. An SUV with the heart of a sports car. But also, a sports car that knows what elegance is. This is the CUPRA Ateca. A marriage of two different worlds that rarely meet.

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Evolution of the machine.

More than just an engine. A human-centric car that works with and for you. Technology that doesn’t force you into processes, but rather intelligently assists you.

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Contemporary sportiness.

Inspired by the tracks, born for the streets. The CUPRA Ateca comes with 4 wheel Drive and a technologically advanced engine, completely rethinking the concept of an SUV as you know it.

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CUPRA Ateca Experience

A unique journey.

The CUPRA Ateca is built with a whole world of experiences around it. 

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Where it all started.

It was about time to rethink the concept of an SUV. Not bounded by what’s possible or what’s expected. This is why we went back to the garage to create the path that brought us here today.

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